Prescription Drug Safety

U.S Food and Drug Administration

  • Alphabetical list of educational resources provided by the Center of Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)
    • Includes brochures, articles, pamphlets, posters, and public service announcements

Medicine Safety: A Toolkit for Families

  • Promotes safe and effective medication use with:
    • Medicine use tips
    • Facts related to family medication use
    • Tips for medication use in children, the elderly, and pregnant women

Educate Before You Medicate

  • Works with the National Council on Patient Information and Education to promote the safe use of medications
    • Medicine information
    • Abuse prevention
    • Medication use in special populations

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

  • Contains educational material for the public covering a range of alcohol-related topics

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

  • Advocates for public policies that encourage discovery of new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical and biotechnology research companies
  • “PhRMApedia” contains educational resources of varied content

Know Your OTCs

  • Provides information on OTC drugs
    • OTC drug ingredients
    • Symptoms that can be relieved by OTC drugs
  • OTC guides for parents
  • Educational material on safe use, storage, and disposal of OTC drugs

Anthem/Blue Cross

  • Health topic brochures

National Institute on Drug Abuse

  • Focuses on the science behind addiction and drug abuse and its causes and consequences in order to improve the health of the public and individuals
    • Specific information on common drugs of abuse
    • Drug facts for different ages
    • Trends and alerts on current drug use

AwareRx Prescription Drug Safety

  • Abuse prevention
  • Safe use of medications
  • Pharmacist and consumer resources

Partnership for Drug Free Kids

  • Mission is to reduce substance abuse among teens
    • Drug guides
    • Parent toolkit
    • Prevention resources
    • Connects to specialists for help