Updated Bylaws

As many of you may know, the VPhA Board of Directors has been working hard on a much-needed update of our Association Bylaws. After having our general membership meeting at Annual Convention and the Board having reconvened, the bylaws have been updated. Amended August 2018 Bylaws

Fee For Service Supplemental Payments and Hospital Assessment

VPhA would like your feedback on the Virginia Board of Pharmacy’s intentions. To submit feedback, please contact Kathryn Morris, Administrative Assistant, at info@virginiapharmacists.org The Board intends to consider adopting a fee for service supplemental payments and hospital assessment. In order to avoid overlapping supplemental payments, supplemental payments made to a limited group of private hospitals are being terminated on […]

New Board of Pharmacy Inspection Guidance

The Department of Health Professions recently updated the Pharmacy inspection form, which provides guidance to inspectors and licensees on inspections, and penalties for violations. VIEW UPDATED GUIDE

Pharmacy Inspection Deficiency Monetary Penalty Guide Updated

The Virginia Department of Health Professions has recently updated the Pharmacy Inspection Deficiency Monetary Penalty Guide, which provides board guidance on the monetary penalty that may be assessed by consent agreement for pharmacy inspection violations. View Updated Guide

Updated PDMP Presentation

Please find an updated Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program: Promoting Appropriate Use of Controlled Substances, presented by the Virginia Department of Health Professions in June 2018. Download Presentation

Call for Comment: State Plan for Medical Assistance

The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) hereby affords the public notice of its intention to amend the Virginia State Plan for Medical Assistance to provide for changes to the Methods and Standards for Establishing Payment Rates—Inpatient Hospital Services (12 VAC 30-70) and Methods and Standards for Establishing Payment Rates – Other Types of Services (12 VAC […]

State Plan Amendment Establishing an Alternative Benefit Plan

Pursuant to 42 CFR 440.386, the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) hereby affords the public notice of its intention to seek approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of a state plan amendment (SPA) to establish an Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP) authorized under section 1937 of the Social Security Act […]

How to Report Naloxone without a DEA Number

How to Report Naloxone and Gabapentin When the Prescriber Does Not Have a DEA Number With respect to reporting of naloxone where the prescriber does not have a DEA license number, the following should be noted: Typically records submitted to the VA PMP require a dispenser/pharmacy DEA and prescriber DEA.  Gabapentin is not a scheduled […]

Board of Pharmacy Request for Comment

Placement of Chemicals in Schedule I The Virginia Board of Pharmacy is currently accepting comments on the placement of chemical substances in Schedule I of the Drug Control Act. Comments are due June 7, 2018. Read More