Proposed Bylaws Changes-Feedback Wanted

VPhA serves as your voice throughout the Commonwealth. To properly serve as your voice, we need to hear from you. As many of you may know, the VPhA Board of Directors have been working hard on a much needed update of our Association Bylaws. To complete the process, all changes must be approved by the membership. This year during our general membership meeting at Annual Convention we will be going over the proposed bylaws changes. Members have the opportunity to voice their concerns or any questions they might have regarding the changes. If you’d like your voice heard please fill out the form below.

2021 Proposed Changes: The VPhA Board of Directors (BOD) acknowledges that our audit policies are out dated and restrictive.  Under current bylaw language, the association must audit every 2 years, no exceptions.  The BOD will be conducting an annual comprehensive review of the financials. The goal is to streamline financial oversight while minimizing costs to the Association. The BOD has put many financial safeguards in place including using an outside accountant to manage VPhA’ s books since June 2020.

Audit Language in the Bylaws: “Following the close of the fiscal year the Secretary/Treasurer shall ensure that financials are reviewed. Audits shall be conducted every other year by an independent auditor selected by the Board of Directors. The (Secretary/) Treasurer shall assure proper accounting for all funds and all Federal and State required filings are done. The board shall review the tax returns prior to their filing with the Federal and State agencies.”

BOD Suggests Removing – “ Audits shall be conducted every other year by an independent auditor selected by the Board of Directors.”  Insert- “Audits will be conducted every five years by an independent auditor or when the Board of Directors deems an audit is necessary.”

How to Submit:

Deadline to Submit:

  • We encourage you to submit your comments and suggestions at any time before the 2021 Midyear Conference, which will be held virtually February 26-27, 2021.