PassAssured Technician Training Program

VPhA has partnered with PassAssured – the leading industry program for preparing for Pharmacy Technician Certification!

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Who is PassAssured?

We’re the industry’s leader when it comes to preparing for PTCB certification. Here’s why:

Comprehensive Program

Our lesson plan walks you systematically through every topic required for certification. Our extensive test battery makes you comfortable with the questions you’ll be seeing on the actual PTCB exam.

Rich Multimedia Presentation

We have the only completely multimedia CD-based presentation on the market. It’s compelling and easy-to-follow, complete with audio, video, and graphic presentations. Realistic practice tests will let you know when you’re ready for the real thing. Additionally, we offer our Pharmacy Technician Training Program as a web deliverable product specifically designed for technical schools and corporate customers.

Professional Field-Testing

The content of our training program has been field-tested for three years in direct-contact seminars with great success.

PassAssured’s Student Version “XL”, “Extended Length”, is our product offering for classroom environments that require 240 hours of approved classroom time. The system includes access to the “Student Learning Center” and the “Educator’s Control Panel“. Our newest addition, to the “Student Learning Center” is our tool called “Study Aids”, which provides the student with definitions, audio pronunciations and pictures of the top 200 drugs sold in the USA by volume.


The PassAssured’s Pharmacy Technician Training Program is provided in two components; the Student Version XL contains 240 hours of curriculum and is intended to be used as a student “E” (electronic) textbook with the curriculum and the Testing Module (Student Learning Center) accessed via the internet. The second component is the Educator’s Resource Toolkit and allows the class facilitator access to the PassAssured’s web based Educator’s Control Panel. This facility provides the educator with tools for administration of all student testing data and controls of as well. Password generated, student test data, student testing histories and student testing access controls are available for the educator to administer the student’s activity.

The Educator’s Resource Toolkit also provides the educator with the proper tools to conduct the training course without prior instruction and administer in one school year. Some of the resources are: Lesson Plans with Graphic illustrations and a printable text, controls for all test permissions, testing histories, content guide, technical support and educational objectives that are met by the program.

The Pharmacy Technician Training Program Web based product is ideal for internet delivery infrastructure and permits the student audience access over a large geographical area and the educator can mentor remotely. PassAssured offers custom solutions, with customized automation that can be developed for secondary and post-secondary level institutions.

Cost of this product:  $299.00/person/year

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