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  • Legislative Representation: VPhA offers an influential voice in the state legislature.
  • Grassroots Coordination: VPhA is experienced in grassroots development, coordination and training. “All politics is local.”
  • Practice Setting Representation: Practice setting specific representation through VPhA’s four academies: Academy of Consultant Pharmacists, Academy of Independent Pharmacists, Academy of New & Future Practitioners, Academy of Pharmacy Technicians.
  • Geographical Representation: Each of VPhA’s 17 local associations, through their Regional Director.
  • Appointment Opportunities for State-Wide Boards: Board of Pharmacy and Department of Health Professions, Department of Health and Department of Medical Assistance Services Representation.  Vocal, knowledgeable and aggressive input and insight to the state’s pharmacy oversight entities and protect you, the pharmacy professional.

Educational Services

  • Continuing Education: VPhA is an ACPE provider and offers quality continuing education programs for pharmacists and technicians at annual and midyear meetings and Regional Rally held throughout the state.

Local Activities & Programs

  • Seventeen Local Associations: Through VPhA’s seventeen local associations, members may participate in professional activities within smaller geographic areas. The local associations are the backbone of the association each member is guaranteed an opportunity to be heard at all levels.


  • E-Mail Alerts: E-mails are sent to inform members of the status of an issue or if action is needed on their behalf.
  • Social Media: Updated news through VPhA’s Facebook & Twitter feeds

Insurance (Professional & Private)

Independent Pharmacies

Quality Assurance

  • Pharmacy Quality Commitment: The Pharmacy Quality Commitment is a product to help pharmacists improve quality and reduce/eliminate prescription errors.  The system allows pharmacists to record and track near misses and errors by the time/day of the week, type of near miss/error, name of drug and where the near miss/errors most often occur in the system on an ongoing basis. For more information about the Pharmacy Quality Commitment product call (866) 365-7472 or visit

Student Support Services

  • Awards, student loans, discounted meeting registration, representation on association committees, Legislative Day participation and much more.

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