Lecture Panda

How to Redeem Your CE Codes: An Introduction to Lecture Panda

Lecture Panda is a new platform that VPhA will be utilized to submit your CE credits. You can access all event materials -powerpoint slides, assessments, and evaluations in this program. As soon as you complete your evaluations, they are automatically sent to ACPE Monitor for accreditation so there is no longer a wait time to receive credit. However, you will still need to submit evaluations and assessments within a 30-day period of the event in order to claim the credit.


How to Set Up your Lecture Panda Account

  1. Select Your Attendee Type – Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician
  2. Lecture Panda then asks for your name, an email address, date of birth, and your NABP e-ID number. You will NOT be able to continue until you provide your correct information.
  3. Next, you will receive an email confirmation from Lecture Panda stating you have successfully registered. Click “Continue On To Complete Credit Requirements.”

(This is what step 2 looks like)

Inside Lecture Panda:

There are 5 tabs running across the top of the screen. You will progress through each tab until you reach the end where you’ll submit all your information.

  1. Learning Materials: Powerpoint slides and other handout materials are stored here
  2. Confirm Information: This lists all your personal registration information. Your attendee type, name, and email address are here. You can change it at any time.
  3. Claim Credits: Here all the credits which you are able to claim are listed in this section. If you are a pharmacist, you will not see any technician continuing education sessions listed and vice versa.
  4. Complete Quizzes/Surveys: All CE assessments and evaluations are stored here. You MUST complete them all before moving on. It will tell you in the bottom right of the screen that it is incomplete if you have not completed them all.
  5. Complete: Now you will see all credits that have been claimed and certificates will appear for you to download.


Need Help?

If at any time you need help accessing or registering with Lecture Panda, please contact us by emailing info@virginiapharmacists.org or by calling the office at (804)-285-4145.