What We Fund

Education and Certification for Pharmacists:

  • Training and education about billable pharmacist services. (Hutchinson Fund).
  • Pharmacy-based immunization training & other certification programs (Hutchinson Fund).
  • Education targeted at government and public service. (Harvey B Morgan Institute).
    • Annual public policy updates at regional programs
    • Pharmacy Law updates
    • Public policy educational sessions
  • An annual lecture on topics that enhance and advance the profession of pharmacy and pharmacy management (Reginald Rooke Lecture fund).
  • Education about the advancement of the entrepreneurial spirit of independent community pharmacy (Addington Fund).
  • Pharmacist training about early identification and intervention of substance-impaired pharmacists and treating mental illness (Virginia Pharmacists Aiding Pharmacists Program).
  • Entrepreneurial workshops in conjunction with the National Community Pharmacists Association (Addington Fund).

Education and Certification for Pharmacists-In-Training (students):

  • A course in Entrepreneurial Pharmacy & Independent Pharmacy is sponsored at Virginia Schools of Pharmacy (Academy of Independent Pharmacists).
  • Student education about pharmacist and student recovery is provided at each Virginia School of Pharmacy annually (Virginia Pharmacists Aiding Pharmacists Program).
  • A pharmacy-based immunization training & certification program is available to students at a reduced price (Hutchinson Fund).
  • An annual address to each of the Virginia schools of pharmacy’s Student Academy of Community Pharmacists NCPA student chapters (Addington Fund).

Incentive Grants

Innovation grants of $1,000 to $2,500 are funded by the Foundation to help pharmacists explore and implement services that enhance their role as healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes.

Scholarships and Loans

  • The John C. Shilan Fund provides $1,000 awards to pharmacists who have demonstrated an interest in added credentials that will enable them to provide specialized patient care services.
  • The $1000 Robert G. Wampler/Daniel A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the Richmond Pharmacists Association to a pharmacy student entering their second year of pharmacy school at MCV/VCU School of Pharmacy.
  • An annual scholarship of $2,225 is awarded to a pharmacist accepted to the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia (Morgan Institute).
  • Sponsorship is provided for pharmacist and student participation in substance use disorders training programs. (Virginia Pharmacists Aiding Pharmacists fund).
  • The Pharmacist Auxiliary provides funding for an interest-free loan of a maximum of $3,000 to one senior student pharmacist from each Virginia school of pharmacy