Sorensen Scholarship

The Morgan Institute Scholarship for Sorensen Program

Interested in becoming more active in public service? Want to ensure that issues important to pharmacists are front and center in public debate?

The VPhA Foundation Morgan Institute wants to help pharmacists take the next step in public service, whether as community leaders or elected officials.

The Morgan Institute offers a scholarship equivalent to half the cost of tuition to any pharmacist accepted into one of the following Sorensen Institute’s Programs:

Political Leaders – Informs leaders who want a broad-based, in-depth understanding of Virginia’s regions, politics, and governance.

Candidate Training – Provides an intensive focus on winning campaign fundamentals for those who want to run for office or run a campaign.

Emerging Leaders – Develops and upgrades skill sets for younger leaders who either work in government or want to increase their public service involvement.

Why Sorensen?

The Morgan Institute and the Sorensen Institute share the core values of bringing trust, civility and respect to public discourse.  Ethics, bipartisanship, and the study of public policy issues are central themes at the core of every program Sorensen provides, and the Morgan Institute wants pharmacy professionals to be the beneficiaries of this training.

Graduates of Sorensen programs go on to serve as elected officials or community leaders in Virginia and throughout the nation.  Notable Sorensen alumni include Governor Ralph Northam, Delegate Chris Peace, 2013 VPhA Award of Merit recipient, and Mark Vaughan, first chair and current member of the Morgan Institute Advisory Committee.

Approximately 1 out of every 6 members of the Virginia General Assembly is a graduate of one of Sorensen’s programs.

Take the first step today.  Visit: to research and apply to one of the programs.  For more information on the scholarship for pharmacists, contact