The Henry Addington Vision

Advancing the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Community Pharmacy

A Life of Pharmacy Service

Six decades of Henry Addington’s life has been faithfully dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacists as they serve the health needs of their patients and communities. “There’s a common misconception that independent pharmacy is becoming a thing of the past; that it’s a lost field. I just don’t believe that,” says Addington, who served as president and vice president for more than 23 independent pharmacies in Virginia over his career. To this day, Addington is still passionate about the pharmacy profession.

Addington’s Vision is a future where community pharmacists are thriving as they provide essential patient services and products and are adequately compensated for their services.

The Mission of the Addington Vision is to:

  • Advance the entrepreneurial spirit for community pharmacy;
  • Empower community pharmacists with innovations in the practice and business of pharmacy to help them thrive;
  • Equip community pharmacists for patient-centered clinical services, including planning, providing, documenting, and billing; and
  • Enhance quality of care for all patients through the appropriate, safe, effective use of medications that are used correctly and the promotion of desirable health outcomes and wellness.

Activities of the Addington Vision include:

  • Annual lecture series at the VPhA Convention.
  • Addington Medal for Excellence in Independent Community Pharmacy selected by the Board of Directors of the VPhA Academy of Independent Pharmacists.
  • Entrepreneurial workshops in conjunction with the National Community Pharmacists Association
  • Annual message to each of the four Virginia schools of pharmacy’s Student Academy of Community Pharmacists (NCPA student chapter)
  • Providing networking and communication tools for seasoned entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-minded pharmacists and student pharmacists


Tax-deductible contributions by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacist and friends of the profession will provide support for the Addington Vision Fund.

The VPhA Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational foundation, Tax ID# 54-1142544. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs, Commonwealth of Virginia, P.O. Box 1163, Virginia 23218.