SBIRT Training

SBIRT: “Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment” Training for Health Professionals


Education Goals

  1. To properly identify, intervene, and refer patients to treatment for substance use disorders.
  2. To promote the awareness of substance misuse and abuse and how these interfere with medications and contribute to comorbidities.
  3. To educate as to how to best communicate with patients who misuse or abuse substances to affect change.
  4. To equip pharmacists to incorporate SBIRT into current practice, including the training of health professions students, and to bill for services.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this activity, the pharmacist will be able to:

  • Define SBIRT and understand the rationale for universal screening (Goals 1,2)
  • Define at-risk and dependence levels of alcohol, prescription drug and illicit drug use (Goal 1)
  • Distinguish between patients who may benefit from a brief intervention for substance misuse/abuse and those who need referral to specialized treatment (Goal 1)
  • Describe how misuse and abuse may interfere with medications and cause/exacerbate comorbidities. (Goal 2)
  • Define motivational interviewing and identify techniques to help patients change (Goals 1,3)
  • Identify resources for referral for substance use disorders in provider’s location (Goals 1,4)
  • Develop ways to incorporate SBIRT into current practice and identify ways to bill for services provided (Goal 4)
  • Demonstrate how to screen for substance use disorders and provide a brief intervention for patients using motivational interviewing techniques. (Goals 1,3,4)