Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids: When is Self-Care for Hearing Loss Appropriate? – Home Study


Pharmacists will soon be tasked with helping customers make decisions about their hearing care. This presentation discusses the new category of FDA-Approved “Over-the-Counter” (OTC) hearing aids. After exploring the different types of hearing loss and how they affect communication, we will discuss how these aids differ from traditional aids, who can benefit from them, and who should not attempt self-care for their hearing problems.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain who can benefit from OTC hearing aids
  • Determine who should not attempt self-care to address their hearing problems
  • Describe the types of hearing loss and how they affect communication
  • Compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of proposed OTC hearing aids
  • Evaluate patients to determine appropriate candidates for OTC aid use

Intended Audience: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
Activity Type:
Contact Hours: 1.0


Christine Eubanks, Ph.D.
Audiologist; Longwood University Speech Hearing & Learning Services

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