Data and Your Community – The More You Know, The Better


Data is one of the most valuable resources that businesses have. The more information you have about your community, the better you can understand their interests, wants, and needs. Understanding your community allows you to provide better services to increase customer satisfaction and improve the return on investment. We will show how our organization leveraged the data we collected to modify our health communication and program implementation to
fit the needs of our community.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of knowing your community to provide tailored services to improve the return of investment
  • Identify available platforms for data collection, visualization, and health communications
  • Understand how to utilize collected data to enhance patient or consumer engagement


Se-A Han, PharmD
Central Population Health Pharmacist
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Madeline Canas
Central Health Education Coordinator
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Maria Balbin, MPH
Central Medical Research Coordinator
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