Committee Charges

Committee Chair Responsibilities:

The chair’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following;

The Chair shall:

  • Review and abide by the committee deliverables listed in the VPhA Governing Policies Manual
  • In consultation with the Executive Director, and other committee members, schedule dates, times and location for meetings
  • Ensure meetings are called and held in accordance with the associations by-laws
  • In consultation with the Executive Director and/or other committee members establish and confirm an agenda for each meeting
  • Ensure the meeting agenda and relevant documents are circulated to the members of the committee 3-5 days in advance of the meeting
  • Officiate and conduct meetings
  • Provide leadership & ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and that the committee complies with its responsibilities
  • Ensure there is sufficient time during the meeting to fully discuss agenda items
  • Ensure that discussion on agenda items is on topic, productive and professional
  • Ensure minutes are complete and accurate, retained, included and reviewed at the next meeting

Per Policy Manual, each committee reports to the Board: Committee meeting minutes or summaries, or action/progress notes are to be promptly shared electronically with the President (and copied to the Executive Director) who will subsequently share them with the full Board.  Committee reports will be delivered by the Board liaison member of the committee and recorded in the minutes of Board meetings. Each standing committee shall submit its annual report to the VPhA office 60 days prior to the opening of the annual convention.



Committee Charges:

  1. Review the posted award descriptions and application materials for accuracy and ease of use. Work with staff to update, improve these as needed.  The Committee is responsible for the following Awards:*
    1. Outstanding Pharmacist Award
    2. Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award
    3. Ilene B. Stiff Local Association President’s Award
    4. Excellence in Innovation Award sponsored by Upsher-Smith Laboratories
    5. Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual
    6. Ed D. Spearbeck Virginia Pharmacist Service Award
    7. VPhA Award of Merit
    8. VPhA Technician Award
    9. Generation Rx Champions Award sponsored by Cardinal Health.
  2. Assure that a call for nominations is sent to membership for all awards by April 1, 2020.
  3. Promote nominations for all VPhA awards with a deadline of May 30, 2020
  4. Reach out to specific groups for promotion of award nominations. Some of these may include previous awardees, VPhA Academies, Local Associations, Regional Directors, officers, and student liaisons.
  5. Select nominees for the Outstanding Pharmacist Award and have ballots sent to eligible voting membership of the Association for vote by May 30, 2020.
  6. Select the award recipients for the following awards:
    1. Bowl of Hygeia Community Service Award
    2. Ilene B. Stiff Local Association President’s Award
    3. Excellence in Innovation Award sponsored by Upsher-Smith Laboratories
    4. Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual
    5. Ed D. Spearbeck Virginia Pharmacist Service Award
    6. VPhA Award of Merit
    7. VPhA Technician Award
    8. Generation Rx Champions Award sponsored by Cardinal Health.
  7. Contact and notify awardees AND previous awardees and request they present the award at the annual awards ceremony.
  8. Develop/assist VPhA staff with “podium copy” for presentation of awards.
  9. Nominate 3 Virginia Pharmacists for national awards (APhA, ASHP, ASCP, NCPA)

*Current descriptions of each award is available on the VPhA website.

Awards Committee operating policies:

  1. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for awards and shall excuse themselves during committee discussion of individuals they have nominated in accordance to normal nomination process and deadlines.
  2. If two or more nominations have been received for an award, additional nominations are not acceptable from Awards Committee members during the committee’s deliberations.
  3. When the Committee is to consider a nomination about which a Committee member has an actual or potential conflict of interest due to family, co-worker, friend, or business relationship, that  would reasonably be expected to exert an influence on that Committee member’s judgment if he or she were called upon to discuss and/or vote on the matter, that member shall disclose the conflict to the Committee and absent himself or herself without comment from not only the vote, but also from the deliberation.



Committee Charges:

  1. Prepare and submit a proposed budget no less than one month prior to the start of the new fiscal year, to be considered by the Board of Directors.
  2. Support and oversee the process for transition of financial responsibilities from NASPA staff to VPhA staff.
  3. Review budget and current financials prior to each board meeting and offer context when needed for not meeting an overall budget and for line item discrepancies.
    1. “Direct Inspection” (internal audit) monitoring of compliance with the Board’s fiscal policies (Policies 3.4 Financial Condition and Activities, 3.5 Asset Protection, 3.6 Financial Planning and Budgeting, and 3.7 Compensation and Benefits), as directed by the Board per Policy 4.2 Monitoring Executive Director Performance.


  1. Assure that a dashboard of financial position is submitted to the BOD prior to each meeting.
  2. Provide recommendations for Board consideration regarding revisions to the Board’s fiscal policies.
  3. Confirmation of auditor’s independence and engagement of auditor every other year, on behalf of the Board, no later than six months after the end of the fiscal year in which the audit will occur.
    1. Specification of audit scope, consistent with Board policies (2.12 Budgeting for Board Prerogatives, 3.4 Financial Conditions and Activities, and 3.6 Financial Planning and Budgeting), including approval of any permitted non-audit services to be provided by the independent auditor.  Scope may also include audit services for VPhA Rx Care PAC and Virginia Pharmacists Association Research and Education Foundation.
    2. Assurance that the auditor has unfettered access to organizational management and records.
    3. Review any problems encountered by the auditor when performing the audit, the audited financial statements, the management letter provided by the auditor, and any areas identified by the auditor as posing significant risk or exposures to the Association, prior to the Board’s consideration of approval of the auditor’s report as required in the Bylaws.
    4. Work with the Treasurer to achieve the deliverables, direct the work of the outside auditors, incur costs as budgeted for matters related to the audit and management time as needed for administrative support.
  4. Review of annual Form 990 prior to distribution to Board of Directors and subsequent submission to IRS.
  5. Oversight/Review of the Investment Account to ensure conformance with Policy 2.12 Investment Governing Policy, with reports to the Board no less than annually, and recommendations as needed.



Committee Charges:

  1. Based upon priority legislation, develop an advocacy strategy.
  2. Assist lobbyist and Executive Director on proposed legislation and potential changes.
  3. Assist with inviting local elected officials to regional events or pharmacy practice settings to build relationships and educate them on issues important to VPhA.
  4. Build a platform for yearlong grassroots advocacy based on legislative priorities
  5. Plan and implement legislative day in conjunction with Executive Director and Spotts Fain.
  6. Respond in a timely manner to the Executive Director for feedback on Board of Pharmacy Regulation changes.



Committee Charges:

  1. Plan and implement meetings for the Association including the Midyear Conference and Annual Meeting considering previous member feedback, member proposals. potential for grants, and compliance with ACPE.
  2. Review last year’s call for presentations to membership for Midyear and Annual meetings. Make revisions and develop a process for choosing proposals. Requested topics should be based on recommended topics from the member survey, VPhA Foundation, and current topics recommended by committee members.
  3. Develop a standard powerpoint template and process for review of slides with feedback to presenters.
  4. Plan Midyear Educational Conference
    1. Develop educational topics, learning objectives and potential speakers based on submitted proposals, member surveys and grant funding.
    2. Seek grant funding where appropriate for topics consider non-traditional funding opportunities
    3. Develop the Midyear Conference Schedule
    4. Develop podium copy and identify moderators for each session
    5. Recruit and schedule Board members to help with making introductions and announcements at the meetings.
    6. Assign committee members or other volunteers to serve as resources throughout each meeting.
    7. Develop a participant survey to gather feedback and information for future education
  5. Plan the Annual Meeting
    1. Develop educational topics, learning objectives and potential speakers based on submitted proposals, member surveys and grant funding.
    2. Seek grant funding where appropriate for topics consider non-traditional funding opportunities
    3. Develop the Annual Conference Schedule
    4. Develop podium copy and identify moderators for each session
    5. Recruit and schedule Board members to help with making introductions and announcements at the meetings.
    6. Assign committee members or other volunteers to serve as resources throughout each meeting.
    7. Develop a participant survey to gather feedback and information for future education
  6. Identify innovative ways to deliver educational topics which appeal to the broad range of members, including varied practice types (eg:retail, hospital, long term care), students, and technicians.
  7. Submit timely requests for funding from sponsoring entities (VPhA Foundation, VaPAP, etc). Note: VPhA Foundation meetings are quarterly and proposals must be submitted to their board no later than the meeting prior to the Midyear and Annual.
  8. Facilitate staff development of a summary dashboard of the most recent meeting participation prior to each Board Meeting: to include Midyear, Annual, Rallies and any other pertinent member-attended meetings. The dashboard should list details of number of participants, type of registration, and comparison to previous year(s).
  9. Explore new venues to add to Midyear and Annual meeting for example including a poster session that could be used as continuing education credit.


Committee Charges:

  1. Identify strategies to increase Association membership including investigating best practices of other state associations.
    1. Develop one contest for membership to engage members in increasing membership
    2. Explore the opportunity for a joint VPhA-APhA membership
    3. Identify a membership segment champions to help craft strategies for increasing membership
      1. New practitioner
      2. Technician
  • Independent pharmacists
  1. Employed pharmacists
  2. Health-system pharmacist
  3. Academic pharmacists
  • Home care pharmacists
  • Long-term care pharmacists
  1. Industry pharmacists
  2. Specialty pharmacists
  1. Conduct at least 2 phone call membership drives for delinquent and new members.
  2. Respond to a draft email message to be sent to all pharmacists in the Commonwealth.
  3. Each committee member is responsible for recruiting 5 new members.
  4. Evaluate the Associations current benefit offerings and make a recommendation to the Board for opportunities for new benefits and a new benefit offerings package
  1. Develop a list of recommended social/networking activities for the Association to consider and submit to the BOD. These could be activities at current meetings or outside events or connections.
  2. Develop a comprehensive plan for marketing the Association including membership benefits and promotional messages for all platforms (website, social media, printed tec.)
  3. Serve as a link between the ANFP to foster development/refinement of a mentorship program specifically for the most recent list of new graduates. Committee should consider recent successes, challenges of the existing mentorship program.



Committee Charges:

  1. Develop a Board of Director Responsibilities document for nominees to enhance awareness of responsibilities for serving as a member of the Board of Directors. This document will be signed by candidates nominated for office.
  2. Fulfillment of the nominations process as stipulated in the Bylaws.
    1. Submit a call for candidates for office by October 15, 2019 with a deadline of November 15, 2019.
    2. The committee shall meet after November 15, 2019 to review nominations and select candidates. If needed, recruit additional members to run.
    3. The Committee shall consider the following when slating candidates:
      1. Consider factors relating to demonstrated leadership, knowledge of, and commitment to the organization, professional relationships, and diversity in geography and practice setting.  For existing Board members, also consider demonstrated fulfillment of the Board member’s individual responsibilities, Code of Conduct, and disclosures of conflicts of interests.
      2. Comport with terms of office limitations for nominees:  No more than two (2) consecutive 1-year terms for President and President-elect; and no more than three (3) consecutive 2-year terms for Directors of Regions. The Treasurer may serve any number of 2-year terms and the Secretary serves a 2 year term. Members who have served their maximum number of terms may be nominated for Board membership again after spending a minimum of 1 year off the Board.
  • Slate nominees for Directors of Regions B, C, E, and I in the odd-numbered years and the Directors of Regions A, D, F, G, and H in the even-numbered years.
  1. It is preferable to slate two candidates per office only.
  1. Submit the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors as soon as it is completed and no later than one week prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of 2019. This slate will be announced at the Midyear meeting.
  2. The Chair shall present to the membership at the Midyear Conference the slate of candidates and receive nominations from the floor and approval of the slate from the membership.
  3. After the election is conducted (Bylaws Article VI.4), the Immediate Past President will contact all individuals on the ballot to inform them of the election results.  Staff will follow this verbal communication with written correspondence to these individuals.
  1. Vet at least one candidate for each vacancy on the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, including candidates identified during the membership meeting held at the annual convention.  Submit these candidates for the Board of Directors’ consideration and submission to the Governor for his/her appointment to the Board of Pharmacy vacancy/ies. Nominations should be completed and submitted to the Board of Directors prior to the membership meeting at the Midyear Conference
  2. Complete the nominations process, upon the request of the Board of Directors, in the event of vacancies of officers or directors.

Committee Interest