Awards Committee

  • Chair:  Mary Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Members: Anne Hutchens (Board Liason), Riley Fisher, Brett Loehr, Kayla Ryan, Chelsea Sprouse

Board-Certified Pharmacists Committee – Non-Active

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee

  • Chair:  Sarah Barden
  • Members: Chad E. Alvarez (Board Liaison), Leonard Edloe, Keith Kittinger, Lucinda Maine, Leo Ross, Carman Silver, Bobby Vincent III

Finance Committee

  • Chair:  Sam Silek 
  • Members: Leah Argie (Board Liason), Leonard Edloe, Holly Morris, Kelly Kale, Ruddy Rose, John Seymour, Becky Snead

Government Affairs Committee

  • Chair: Alexis Page
  • Members: Wendy Nash (Board Liaison), Norman Carroll, Joseph Cusimano, Dean Hasan, Dave McClellan, Paul McClimon, M. Scott Newman, Jennifer Purdy, Hillary Stone

Membership & Marketing Committee

  • Chair: Wylie Crane
  • Members: Patty Robinson (Board Liason), Catherine Cary, Micah Cost, Carla Daniel, Cynthia Kirkwood, Niki Mullins, Meredith Ayers, Hillary Sensabaugh

Meetings and Education Committee

  • Chair: Sharon Gatewood
  • Members: Sarah Parnapy (Board Liason), Margaret Landis, Karen Winslow

Political Action Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Leah Argie
  • Members: Stephen Anderson (Board Liason), Henry Agyeman, Yancey Lockhart, Leighton Mascari, Holly Morris, Ramon Ruiz

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Holly Morris
  • Members: Kelly Goode (Board Liaison), Raphael Saenz, Sarah Melton, Henry Ranger

To learn more about the responsibilities of the committee members, please read the Committee Charges.

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