Awards Committee

  • Chair:  Tana Kaefer
  • Members:  Jodi Ettare, Beverly Adato, Beverlee Arnold, Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, Chelsea Sprouse, Keenan Rea, Kris Ratliff (Board Liaison).

Board-Certified Pharmacists Committee

  • Chair:  Michelle Thomas (Board Liaison)
  • Members: Amy Sparkman, Alyssa Zavadsky, Emily Gicewicz

Finance Committee

  • Chair:  Sam Silek (Board Liaison)
  • Members: Michelle Thomas, Kelly Goode, Kelly Kale, Ruddy Rose, Holly Morris, Becky Snead

Government Affairs Committee

  • Chair: Dave McClelland
  • Members:  Krystalyn Weaver, Cynthia Coffey, Al Roberts, Autumn Wells, Adrian Wilson, Alexis Page, Scott Newman, Joseph Jadallah, Dean Hasan, Joseph Cusimano, Nettie Emmelhainz, Jennifer Purdy, Trisha Reddy, Holly Morris, Wendy Nash

Membership & Marketing Committee

  • Chair: Catherine Cary
  • Members: Stephen Anderson (Board Liaison), Nahed Elias, Cynthia Kirkwood, Patricia Resto, Patricia Robinson, Catherine Cary, Aylin Unal, Kayla Lucas, Johnny Moore, Angela Olenik, Allie Jo Shipman

Meetings and Education Committee

  • Chair: Margaret Landis
  • Members: Morgan Grant, Jennifer Riveros, Rebecca Snead, Margaret Landis, Lauren Caldas

Political Action Committee

  • Co-Chairs: Vish Patel and Terri Powers
  • Members: John Beckner, Cindy Warriner, Mark Vaughan, Leah Argie, Daniel Darfour, Wendy Nash, Holly Morris

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Michelle Thomas
  • Members: Leah Argie, Dave Mcclellan, Keith Kittinger, John Beckner

To learn more about the responsibilities of the committee members, please read the Committee Charges.

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