Awards Committee

  • Chair:  Tana Kaefer
  • Members:  Jodi Ettare, Beverly Adato, Beverlee Arnold, Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, Chelsea Sprouse, Keenan Rea, Kris Ratliff (Board Liaison).

Board-Certified Pharmacists Committee

  • Chair:  Michelle Thomas (Board Liaison)
  • Members: Amy Sparkman, Alyssa Zavadsky, Emily Gicewicz

Finance Committee

  • Chair:  Sam Silek (Board Liaison)
  • Members: Michelle Thomas, Kelly Goode, Kelly Kale, Ruddy Rose, Holly Morris, Becky Snead

Government Affairs Committee

  • Chair: Krystalyn Weaver
  • Members:  Cynthia Coffey (Board Liaison), Alexis Page, Adrian Wilson,  Autumn Wells, Al Roberts, Kylie Napoli, Scott Newman

Membership & Marketing Committee

  • Chair: Timothy Lucas
  • Members: Stephen Anderson (Board Liaison), Nahed Elias, Cynthia Kirkwood, Patricia Resto, Patricia Robinson, Catherine Cary, Aylin Unal, Kayla Lucas, Johnny Moore, Angela Olenik, Allie Jo Shipman

Meetings and Education Committee

  • Chair:  Cecily Dipiro, Sharon Gatewood, Sarah Parnapy Jawaid
  • Members: Morgan Grant, Jennifer Riveros, Rebecca Snead, Margaret Landis, Lauren Caldas

Political Action Committee

  • Chair: Vish Patel
  • Members: Wendy Nash (Board Liaison), Terri Powers

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Michelle Thomas
  • Members: Leah Argie, Dave Mcclellan, Keith Kittinger, John Beckner

To learn more about the responsibilities of the committee members, please read the Committee Charges.

To contact a committee member or chairperson, please complete the following form.

Committee Contact Form

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