VPhA was founded in 1881 and has served as the voice of the profession of pharmacy in the Commonwealth.

Mission of the Virginia Pharmacists Association:

The purpose of the Association is to assure the viability and vitality of the profession of pharmacy by advocating for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in legislative, regulatory and public affairs. The focus of advocacy shall be to maximize contributions of the profession to public health, and patient care and to increase public awareness of the value of pharmacy services.

Vision of the Virginia Pharmacists Association:

The voice of pharmacy in Virginia.

Goals of the Virginia Pharmacists Association:

  • Optimize Medication-Related Patient Outcomes: To advocate for and implement high quality pharmacist-provided health care services to patients across the Commonwealth and to identify new health care delivery services.
  • Professional Education, Leadership and Development: To enhance the professional competency and qualifications of pharmacists and pharmacy technician across all practice setting through the development of continuing education programs with a focus on innovative practices and opportunities for the profession, leadership opportunities, and career development processes.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy: To be proactive in monitoring and influencing legislation and to work with regulatory bodies to enhance the practice of pharmacy to improve patient care.
  • Promoting the Profession: To increase the public awareness of pharmacist-provided health care services.
  • Networking: To encourage and promote opportunities for practitioners to share ideas and resources via live meetings and through social networking medium.
  • Information Exchange: To gather, analyze and share relevant and up-to-date practice-based information with our membership.
  • Professional Services: To identify new opportunities and partnerships and promote current services that provides benefits to our membership.
  • Organizational Relationships: To maintain and expand cooperative relationships and activities with other organizations in pursuit of the Association’s mission.

Association Policies and Procedures

National Affiliations