Rx Care PAC 50 for $500 Challenge

Take a seat at the table and support YOUR Rx Care PAC by participating in the 50 for $500 challenge!



Basically, this means that if you are not represented at the decision-making table, you are in a financially vulnerable position, you get left out, or, worse yet, YOU are on the menu!

We are excited by the momentum of our legislative success over the last 3 years BUT modernizing pharmacists’ scope of practice and pushing back against the boot of the PBMs is not a cheap endeavor. Fellow provider groups and payors took notice of our success.  We got their attention.  They won’t sit idly by and wait for us to “move their cheese” again.

PBMs, health plans, hospitals systems, and provider groups like the Medical Society literally each give hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through their PACs alone – not including individual member giving.  Our strategy of success relies on our members being active constituents of General Assembly members.  That activity is a huge arrow in our quiver, but money given to candidates is the blood of a campaign’s life.  Members notice giving – and not giving.  Virginia is in the midst of statewide elections, redistricting, and the entire House up for election.  We have good friends – that fought hard against the PBMs – that need our support.  We owe this.

Our PAC – 15 years ago – contributed roughly $80,000 per year to General Assembly members.  This past year, our PAC gave roughly $25,000 and has a current balance of just under $12,000.

With all the change in the makeup of the Assembly and disruption in leadership, campaigns demand ever-higher contribution levels.  They keep lists of donor groups when meeting requests for members are made.  We cannot have OUR voice silenced for lack of giving. Your money will be used to directly impact the protection, promotion, and preservation of the practice you love. Our voice needs to be heard, and we need access to legislators to do that. PBMs are not going away.  We are not going away either.

The 50 for $500 RxCare PAC challenge:

Our opponents are already at the table!

We need to raise $25,000 and are looking for:

50 members to donate $500


100 members to donate $250


250 members to donate $100


500 members to donate $50


If every pharmacist and pharmacy technician in the state of Virginia donated $20 we would exceed our targeted goal!

 Will you please chip in $25, $50, $100, $200, or more to help us reach this goal and help ensure pharmacy and our patients are top priorities with our legislators?


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