COVID-19 Resources

In today’s information-centric world, the news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading faster than we can keep up. VPha is closely monitoring developments and sharing important alerts as they become available.

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities nationwide, it is important that we all take #StepsforHealth to protect ourselves and the communities in which we work, live, and enjoy. Please follow the steps below as a measure of good public health practice.

Member Resources

Webinar: Key Considerations for Pharmacy Employers

Pharmacist Relief Database

Compounding Hand Sanitizer Database

General Resources

VPhA prides ourselves on being an information resource to the members, partners, and the general public that we serve. The following resources are designed to minimize anxiety and are carefully chosen to provide the most useful information as you carry out your daily routine.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Changes

Virginia’s COVID-19 Information Pages

National Pharmacy Organizations’ COVID-19 Information Pages

Pharmacists Guide to COVID-19

The Facts About COVID-19