Fee For Service Supplemental Payments and Hospital Assessment

VPhA would like your feedback on the Virginia Board of Pharmacy’s intentions.

To submit feedback, please contact Kathryn Morris, Administrative Assistant, at info@virginiapharmacists.org

The Board intends to consider adopting a fee for service supplemental payments and hospital assessment. In order to avoid overlapping supplemental payments, supplemental payments made to a limited group of private hospitals are being terminated on the date the new payments are effective. The proposed change, intent, and impact of this new service include: establishing supplemental payments for qualifying private acute care hospitals for inpatient services, establishing supplemental payments for private acute care hospitals for outpatient services, and establishing hospital assessments that will be used to fund the non-federal share of the cost of Medicaid coverage for newly-eligible individual and for the hospital supplemental payments.

The purpose of the proposed regulatory action is to address each of the three items included in the regulatory package to fund new Medicaid coverage. Information available to the Board will enhance its ability to protect the public health and safety.

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